Well, one more of our helpers has returned home.

Brenda, my wife’s sister, returned to Ontario.  She came for 20 days.  A sacrifice which we have greatly appreciated.  From cleaning house to making meals to being a comfort and strength.  Family can truly be a strong branch that keeps one going.

My son, Tim, is here for the next few days.  He drove us home tonight.  Soon we’ll drive him to his flight on April 1st.  While returning to "normal" will be nice, I’m going to miss the company!!

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  1. I am so glad for family – it makes a huge difference in all of our lives.

    Be sure to say Hi to Tim from us.

    Also – I have heard and been known to say it — normal is just a setting on the dryer

    Even so, returning to our normal routine is comforting.


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