Almost 40 year learning curve!

Saskatoon hosted a seminar for church leadership today.  Four of us went.  Others from local area Alliance churches also attended.

Morris Dirks was one of the speakers.  He was in my youth group when I was 16.  Now, almost 40  years later we have covered much the same course.

In our teens our youth group came alive.  We were all seeking Jesus.  Bible studies and prayer time, talking to others about Jesus, hanging out together.  Many of us felt a distant call to go into church ministry.  Many of us did.

Time intervened.  We began to look for ways to increase church attendance, provide the best programs or even start new ministries.  Somewhere in between we lost the pure motive of following Jesus — or perhaps it was just diluted.  We were distracted even though, in some short seasons of life, we were brought back to passionate experiences with Jesus.

At some point, a crash resulted.  And that story seems to be repeating itself among many of us of that same age and time.  What we are seeing is that our activities have become our way of pleasing people or getting approval or even just looking good, instead of experiencing Jesus more and more.

A shame.

And now we are trying to regain ground.  Which is to release control back to God.  Or as as been said by another "We must die to live."

Exciting!!  Passion can return in later days.  And may that passion rise even more!

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  1. Greetings Ron!

    Happened to come across your blog.

    About your “40 year learning curve” comment: Unfortunately many people like the Israelites spend 40 years in the desert learning about the protection, care and providence of God only to choose to doubt what they have learned and let fears keep them from the “Promised Land”. The majority of the spies had a negative report of the land across the Jordan – “GIANTS!”. The minority had a report of future blessing and of faith in God. The larger group listened to the majority of the spies and because of this sin of being cowardly and doubting they were not allowed to enter into the promised blessing. Joshua and Caleb, the spies that had faith, were the leaders to lead the children in.

    Unfortunately, there are those who have “shipwrecked their faith”. Why? Because they are disconnected from the Head of the Church – Jesus! We need to continually remind ourselves daily of the verses in Revelation 21 that state the first two groups that are sent to the lake of fire – “the cowardly and unbelieving”! All people struggle with fears and doubts. The proverb is true – “Fear of man proves to be a snare, but those who trust in the Lord are kept safe.” May the remnant of God’s people rise in the power of the Holy Spirit and put on the whole armor of God and stand up and follow the true leader – Jesus – for He is the Head of the Body!

    Your sister & friend, Dorothea (affectionately known as “Ditto”)

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