Why I’m not a computer techie!

Because 5 minutes equals an hour!

Tonight an easy computer task took over an hour.  Should have been five minutes.  Merely hooking up another computer to our wireless network. 

But, of course, the security code is complicated and was probably typed wrong the first time around.  Then the system wouldn’t recognize the wireless network automatically.  Finally, the wireless system kicked out when the computer was unplugged.

All easy to solve — after you’ve done figured it out.  But the tale is in the figuring it out.  And that always takes longer than you figure.  Like he first time I tried to change wiper blades on my car.  An hour later I found the latches that needed released.  Recently I changed some wiper blades and was done in seconds.

So, would I want to work on computers all day?  Of course, if 5 minutes equals an hour — I’d still be working on the computer six days later!  It would work, but no one would want to pay me what I’m worth!!

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