A holy day

Some days just need to be filled with God, friends and fun.  That, I suppose, is what Sunday should be about.

Today, strangely enough, shared just that.  I think in the busyness of life, and the decades of church work, Sunday has too easily become just another day.  Not every Sunday, not every week, not every time.

But today was just enjoyable.  I sang with friends in worship of God.  I preached of truths I’m constantly learning.  I sat at meal with new acquaintances and old friends.  I rested for an hour.  I chatted with a friend and had another just drop in.  A couple bought us ice cream sundaes.  And another old friend (OK, she wouldn’t say she’s that old!) came across us at a fast food joint.  Finally, the day ended with the movie, “Saving Sarah Cain”, a God movie which provokes thought.

In all, not a bad day.  A great day to start my new week!!

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