The line between rain and shine

Thoughts on riding the road:

Today, I entered into the rain and came out of the rain.  In between, I sat in an auditorium that was unheated, and ate in a kitchen area warmed by ovens and people. 

This was the 75th anniversary of our local camp, Luseland Bible Camp.  30 years ago I directed a camp here.  Now, I sit as a pastor of one of the sponsoring churches.  In the beginning this was a family camp, missions conference, revival meetings camp.  People literally brought their graineries in to serve as cabins while camp was on.  I imagine they dragged them home afterwards and stored their crop in them until the next camp session.  Now the camp serves children and youth, and will branch out for a seniors weekend this summer.

More than once I have seen the rain roll into the camp grounds.  The roads are still unpaved and my white car was shaded brown by the time I arrived home.   A quick car wash was in order!

As I drove home I could see the demarcation where rain abated and sunshine flowed.  As I came closer my eyes had to adjust.  When you live in rain, everything is one color.  In the brightness of sunshine the colors are myriad.  Just a quick reminder that light exposes beauty while the mushiness of  gray obliterates the highlights.  Give me the light any day!!

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