From problem to crisis

That’s what I heard today.  About our drug and alcohol abuse  in Kindersley.  A year ago things were bad, now they are worse.

I sat with our RCMP detachment commander as he talked about the current situation.  I sat with regional personnel from health, schools, clergy, education, social services and other areas.  They echoed the same concerns.  A network is being formed and hopefully a strategy will soon be implemented.

The consequence of not addressing this could be disastrous.  Well, I guess it already is! 

My question always is:  "What is at the root?"  We can work to fix behavior but will that transform a person?  Probably not.  There needs to be a total heart renovation before the problem can truly be addressed.  And the only lasting change will come with a new version of what life implanted in those who try to find fulfilment in drugs and alcohol.

Which then brings forward the question of God!  God truly wants us to find out what we have been created for -  which includes life beyond this one, but within this life the realization that true life is only found in knowing God through Jesus Christ.

That doesn’t mean we don’t work at harm reduction along the way, just that there has to be something more than just reducing harm, but rather brining positive change.

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  1. Each day outside my office and some of those who come in reveal the seriousness of drug and alcohol abuse.

    The answer is truly God

    And then I remember we are the hands and feet the Lord chooses to use

    I spoke with a friend last night about the challenges we face and how so many young people have lost the dream of tomorrow and simply live for today

    And my heart cries for those on the street, those behind doors, and those who so openly abuse substances to cover their pain —

    May the Lord send His power to His children so that His love can truly reach those who need it most.

    Keep on…


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