Learning more new tricks!

Today I  worked on a recording I’ve been doing with a friend.  He is now a senior and wanted to sing a few songs for his family and friends. 

I took my recording equipment to a piano.  Recorded the piano.  Took the equipment back home.  Recorded him singing to the music.  Two hours of piano recording, two hours to go over the vocals.  30 minutes of music altogether. 

This afternoon I sat down to balance the audio, master the CD, spin 12 copies off and make labels for the CDs.  I figure another four hours and things were done. 

The CD labeling was a new thing for me.  A friend had given me a software package a while back.  This was a great way to try it out.  In less than a 1/2 hour the software was installed and running.  The interface was familiar and printed labels were not long to the printer.

And that was some of the fun for today (besides watching an eavestroughing crew shape metal into a channel for our rainwater, visiting the hospital, writing a sermon and eating cheese and pickle sandwiches)!!

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