Summer is here

Now, I suppose I’ve been waking up earlier as the sun arises to touch the earth in the early morn. But the real sign of summer is the heat. Sustained heat.

Saturday the baptisms were refreshing. As I stepped from the pool I actually missed the refreshing cool of the water. I felt as though I could easily tan in the sun’s rays.

And today, I sat outside. Not even in the direct sunlight. For an hour and a half. Reading. And feeling heat. And inheriting a heat headache!

A friend of mine worked yesterday doing eavestroughing. His body experienced the heat. As though it were a stroke. Nothing nice – just pain.

Winter does look good some days. Six months from now I’ll say the opposite. And when those middle of the season days arrive, I will not like to be neither hot nor cold!

Oh, the fickleness of the human! We so easily miss being content for the pleasure of complaining. Why, I can even complain about complaining!!

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