A walk around the block

It’s been a few weeks.  I’ve been away, wind has been blowing and time has been flying by.

So, the nightly walks have been abandoned.

But tonight we determined to walk.  Around a few blocks.  Up and down the streets.

It’s not that the walk is what I go for!  Yes, I know they are good for my continued recovery from knee surgery.  And, yes, they restore the lung capacity and circulate the blood.  My body knows its good.

But its good for the soul.  I talk to my wife.  We hear each other out and plan ahead, and remember what others are doing, and think about what we can do.  And God seems to walk with us.  Quietly, in the background.  In his creation just being there. 

That’s life in the fast lane  of the slow walk around the block.

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