Venturing to the City of Bridges

The fact that Saskatoon has a number of bridges means summer fun.  You can walk along the river, fish from a bridge, and even watch fireworks exploded from a bridge.

Bridges also mean repair — summer repair!  Today as we approached one bridge on the way to a funeral, the line-up was atrocious.  We decided to head to another bridge which funneled into the uptown of downtown.  A few lights turned our way, more their way. 

In the end we walked into the funeral chapel area just before the family.  Actually that was not a bad thing — we sat immediately and were right into the proceedings! 

The funeral for Herman Ruff was a good funeral.  Herman had over 70 years of faithful Christian service — attested to be all those present.  One of those was my father who had know Herman for most of his almost 90 years.  Those are good funerals!

And now, at home, I reflect on a life well lived.  And ask God that I might live well my life to bring credit to God, just as Herman did! 

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