Forming our values

In California the state ballot on November 4, 2008 reveals that consistent standards (left/right wing) are not to be expected from voters.  If anything, you never know what will be the final outcome — don’t count your chickens before they hatch.  Or on the other side of things — even if God revealed the standards for right living, voters would probably differ!

While California voted to change the state constitution so that same-sex marriage is not allowed, they also voted for proper “cages” for animals (standards for confining farm animals), against more money to pay for renewable energy projects (cars, cities, solar), against notifying parents of the termination (abortion) of a minor’s child — and that’s not all. 

The vote that received the highest percentage vote was the vote against police and law enforcement funding and criminal penalties and laws (69.4%).   This vote included voting negatively against the following —

  • Requires minimum of $965,000,000 each year to be allocated from state General Fund for police, sheriffs, district attorneys, adult probation, jails and juvenile probation facilities. Some of this funding will increase in following years according to California Consumer Price Index.
  • Makes approximately 30 revisions to California criminal law, many of which cover gang-related offenses. Revisions create multiple new crimes and additional penalties, some with the potential for new life sentences.
  • Increases penalties for violating a gang-related injunction and for felons carrying guns under certain conditions.

Read the California state proposition vote outcomes here .

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