Tea time

Mike has been a friend for decades.  When his wife passed away recently, I performed the funeral.  He has dropped his van at our house while he takes the bus to family or friends (the depot is a block or so away).

This winter he will winter with his daughter, and probably remain there permanently (there is slight possibility he would come back to Eatonia to live, but only very, very slight).  This weekend he packs up to leave.

We decided to have tea with him this morning.  The time around the table in the Tea and Tassel Tea room on First in Eatonia was  treat.  We blessed Mike as we prayed for him.  We discussed some of his life jobs and even the fantastic deal he got in buying his house decades ago.  Now the house if for sale, and I am saddened that he is going.  May God indeed pour his fullest blessings on him.

Oh, and if you are ever in Eatonia, consider tea at the Tea and Tassel!  Here are some of the things you can look forward to:

Tea & Tassel on First

Eatonia, Saskatchewan

111 1st Avenue West

Phone: (306) 967-2822


Open February through December 23, Wednesday through Sunday 10am to 5pm.

Reservations recommended

* Victorian style.
* Located in a gift shop.
* A good cuppa any time.
* Loose leaf teas and teabags prepared in a teapot.
* Iced teas, caffeine-free selections.
* Vegetarian menu choices.
* Take-out available.
* Smoke-free.
* Private parties for adults and children.
* Outdoor seating.
* Credit cards accepted.

Please call if you would like to make reservations.

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