When the power goes out

Around 2:30 this afternoon the power went off.  Now, we’ve had cold weather – perhaps the equipment failed.  Perhaps the backup system could not handle the power outage – when the power went out there seemed to be attempt to restore power immediately.  Didn’t work. 

Whatever the reason, I was placed into semi-darkness as I sat in my office at the church.  I had been starting to work on my sermon for this coming Sunday.  Between partial darkness and no internet, I panicked.  Well, not quite panic.  I just got up and walked out.

I’m still evaluating my response. 

In past years I would have remained for a good while, picked up a book or found a place to write.  Today I figured the power might still be on at our house.  I figured I needed to instantly return to what I had been doing.  I figured I could redeem the time by moving on to someplace else.

I’m not so sure that was true.  Perhaps I have become impatient.  Perhaps I am too dependent on electricity, computers and the inspiration that electrical power provides.  Perhaps I’ve been caught in our instant society!

Perhaps I need to learn a little of what I preach!  The first Sunday in Advent I preached on waiting.  Now, wait a minute!  Are we supposed to actually learn from what we preach!!

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