Evaluating the holiday season

First off, it’s the Christmas season. 

Which means I start off with a different premise.  This is about a gift given to us before stores had UPC codes and sales tax.  Before black Friday or Boxing Day became consumer holiday madness.  Prior to wrapping paper — more related to swaddling clothes and babies.

Yesterday we visited a new born baby and his parents.  Kale was born on December 28th and stretches over 23 inches!  Hard to imagine a savior that came to earth 2000 years ago that could almost fit into your hand.  No wonder any self respecting philosopher struggles with the flesh and blood of the incarnation of God.

We also visited with my father on his ninetieth birthday (or as my brother so lovingly says — “you’ve entered your tenth decade”).  When we sang happy birthday, and added “and many more”, dad’s reaction was “not too many more!”  There is a place for living here and now, and there is a place for living ready for eternity.  The older we become the more we move towards a new place and a new desire to shed this body and receive a new body.

One final observation.  The snow started to really fall today, pushed by increasing winds.  Blizzard conditions for almost an hour or so.  Then the sky cleared and the expected snow day disappeared.  But, just wait an hour or so, and the wind returns and snow falls.  I’m not much of a forecaster, and the more I encounter the weather the more I’m willing to be an observer and leave the forecasting to more adventurous souls (a compliment to my father who served as a weather forecaster for 25 years).

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