I did not know.

My knee replacements affect the cleaning of my teeth.

You see, up until two years after the replacements possible infection can be expected when teeth are cleaned.  I presume open cuts and bleeding which result from the cleaning can create open access to bad bacteria.

I was literally sitting in the chair when the dental hygienist interrupted my expectations.  She had the dentist prescribe a drug to stave off infection.  I had to go, get the drug prescription filled, and return no sooner than one hour later.

Meanwhile, I took a liter of milk to be sure the pills did not disturb my stomach.  OK, maybe I could have taken less but I didn’t want to waste all that good milk. 

Back in the chair an ultrasound tool loosened up the buildup on my teeth.  Then some scrapping and finally the polishing.  As I view my mouth, I’m now in much better shape than before, although my tongue finds it a little different feel to the landscape of the inner world of my mouth!!