A day off is a (fill in the blank!). 

I started off on my computer (well, after a shave and shower).  I had seen a great video on jellyfish — the creature that has not plans, he’s just carried along by the currents. Phil Vischer of Veggie Tale fame has a company based on that idea.

So, I headed to wikipedia to check it out.  We have a grandson who benefit from some Phil videos!  Found out that there is a “television” channel.  Currently it is free – an experiment to get the word out!  I also understand some of the video clips are  on youtube, facebook, godtube, and probably a thousand other places on the internet.

Headed over to jellytelly.com and watched.  The humor is great.  My wife was outside the room and thought I was watching Veggie Tales.  So, if you enjoy Veggie Tales, or just want to get in on some fun stuff, check out jellytelly.com