Saturday in the park

OK, not quite the park.  But, the day was beautiful for the first day of spring.  Especially when Saskatchewan still tends to be in the grip of winter this time of year.

Out for a walk was good therapy for my knee.  Yesterday I decided I could play with our youth – or at least keep up with them.  The game should have been slightly less that injurious but I tend to go for broke. 

And onto the floor I fell.  Almost broke my head, my knee and my little finger.  But today stretching the muscles brings some relief.

We walked to a funeral – more rightly a “celebration of life.”  Tim Crump was the same age as my brother – born in 1954.  My brother died of cancer 5 years ago.  Tim Crump died of cancer this past week.  Both were friendly, smart and good with kids.  Both gathered friends who were more than just conversationalists. 

Tim and Gary both garnered work friendships.  And work was more than moments of monetary opportunity.  Each had some eccentric qualities – I love that Tim love bowties, and Winston Churchill and kids.  He lived in life instead outside of life.  Hitherto a legacy he passes on!

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