This is becoming a habit – taking a day off.

More for sanity and rest than anything else.  I spent a 14 hour day yesterday – all good and well.  But by the end of the day I was tired.  Good tired, but still tired.

So, I set up today to be an actual day off.  No stepping into the office to perform church duties.

Instead, I continued on an adventure to fulfil the last will and testament of a friend.  I checked out a project we have been working on as a church.  I had an extended conversation with a pastor friend.  I watched a movie we had borrowed from someone else.  I trimmed down a door so it closed well.  I joined my wife in delivering a meal.  I walked across the road to help a new neighbour unpack a few things.

In all, this was a good day.  Although some of the activities were church related, I did not feel at all constrained to do “the work of the ministry”.  What fun!  May more days of rest be just that!