Snow fall

This has been one of those years where fall seemed to stay around.   For a while.  For the longest time.  Until today.

Snow appeared on the sidewalks, the windshields and under my shoes. 

The funny thing is that I really wasn’t expecting snow.  I guess I had convinced myself that we would skip winter and go straight to spring.  A wildly weird thought, but somehow almost plausible in my thinking.

I was not ready with boots available.  I was not ready with an electrical cord for my car’s block heater.  I was not ready mentally.

And so, as the snow falls, I am changing my mind.  Repenting.  Getting set for the next few months.

And here is my prediction.  Lots of snow.  Lots of shoveling.  Lots of comfort food and sitting around the “fire”. 

Actually, I’m rather looking forward to it – now that my mind has changed!!

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  1. sometimes doesn’t take much to get our heads around an idea. i’m sure there will be many wonderful opportunities to enjoy the special times of winter. look forward to sharing one or two. keep warm. Gerald

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