The felling

A small tree/shrub died in our backyard.  Over the past few years.  Not quickly.  I think it was just exhausted.  The brilliant burgundy leaves did not materialize this year.

Yesterday I dug a circle around the tree roots.  Today my plan was to topple the tree.

The best laid plans oft gang awry. 

But not today.  After a bit of sweat, the sharpening of the age and judicious digging the roots were severed.  As my wife talked to our neighbour I slowly rocked the beast until it silently descended to the earth from which it came.

A few cuts and the limbs were dismembered.  The stump was transported to the waste management / town dump / compost heap.  And the hole was filled in by soil.  Now all that is left is to plant grass seed.

The felling was a great accomplishment for this day.  And tomorrow?  A sermon, a farewell to a local clergy and the rest of the day as rest.  Should be good.

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