Going Non-Digital?

A few months ago I asked our youth group what it would be like to take a sabbath from their digital devices.  Blank stares ensued – the impossibility of it all was impossible to understand.

Well, Ed Bahler has suggested something similar for dads!

Here’s a challenge to all you dads. First, turn off those distracting audible notices when emails, texts, and voice mails come in. Make a real effort to be present with whomever you’re with.

And second, disconnect.

That’s right. On June 19th, Father’s Day, disconnect your digital device for 24 hours and reconnect with your family. You’ll be shocked by how much that quality time with your family can revive dormant relationships. And you’ll be shocked by how much you’ve been missed.

Here are two simple tips to make it happen:

1. Before going to bed the night before Father’s Day, check your e-mail one final time, turn off your mobile device, and put it in another room. You may get the shakes, but you’ll get over it.

2. Make a good plan for the day.

Alcoholics are especially susceptible during periods of boredom, and it’s no different with an internet junkie. Plan a day of special activities with your family so you’ll be less tempted to check email or go online.

I’m in. Will you take the Father’s day challenge with me?

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