The Great Giveaway

Yesterday I talked to some of our seniors.  The talk was more a sharing of my own life.  At the end I made an appeal for people to read their Bibles.  Particularly Bibles that are “living” – ones that are easy to read and quite understandable.

During our coffee time, one of them asked me if I had available the translation I was reading from.  They found it quite easy to understand.

I replied that we had a supply at the church – just a literal hop-skip-and-jump away.  Another chimed in and asked for a copy.

Ater returning to the church, I picked up a two copies and took them over to the Village.  As I was delivering them, another lady asked for a copy.  Sort of helps me understand the thrill of the Gideon organization (which is 100 years old this year) – a group of people who literally give Bibles away.  You’ve probably seen some of them in hotel rooms!

This type of thing is so enjoyable! 

I mentioned to the seniors that we had purchased these Bibles for our youth.  The print was rather small.  But they were not deterred.  They just wanted to get something they would find easy to read.  Unfortunately, even for them, they find the King James Version hard to read. 

So, I’m ready to give away more copies of the “New Living Translation.”   Interested?

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