‘Tis the season!

I’ve refrained from commenting on the rounds of strikes currently taking place.  One set of strikes includes those who are the negotiators being friends of mine – I’m not sure whether they are friends with each other right now.  Another strike inconveniences me.

The rash of strikes seems to go in cycles.  The top of the cycle is currently caused, from my perspective, from an upsurge in the economy (which means an uncertainty in buying power), and a new set of leadership coming on the scene (which means a juggling act to decide where power lays).

Of course, that is simplistic.  There are many issues that relate to work conditions, gender equality, even centralization vs. decentralization.  But, these two previously mentioned issues can either be managed with humility or become power grabs.  My prayer is that listening ears will prevail instead of caustic mouths!

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