Health and perseverance

Today I think I finally came to the right door.

For quite a while I have been pursuing an approach to health in this area.  One that would recognize the size of our center (as compared to outlying towns), that would see us progress from a first aid center to a center of medical excellence recognized both on a regional scale, but also on a larger scale as well.

After contacting our MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly), then our health district CEO, I finally sat down with our health facility manager.  Sharon Forsyth is just new to town and has some background that could prove helpful to making things run here.  As she mentioned, the need for a strategic plan would give us one step forward.

So, I’ve suggested that we get together with other stakeholders and get some discussions going.  I can see this working for good.  I know I have wanted to get a rehab center happening here in town.  But there needs to be an integrated approach.  And strong support.  Whether this is our greatest priority, I’m not sure.  But right now we are casting in the dark, hearing strong voices but not always seeing the light.

I have been invigorated looking at the possibility.  Add to that the very real recognition that spirituality will have to play a part in this whole plan (based on the stated provincial values).  My expectation is that pastoral effectiveness in hospital visits will be increased many fold!  I’m praying that direction!

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