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The joy of Sabbath time — 2 Comments

  1. Ah Sabbath and the disciplines that promote Sabbath.
    Ron I so value your approach to things and your contemplative processes.
    Thank you for sharing the rock story. From time to time I am able to embrace jobs like that as you did, but the standard is usually the impatience and desire to be ‘productive’. But what Grace Jesus shines into our lives when we engage with him along the way, whatever the way!

    Have you run across Marva Dawn’s stuff on Sabbath? Quite interesting and stirring. There are some comments in her book with Eugene Peterson “The Unnecessary Pastor” I think I have some audio too if you’re intrested. Very thoughtful and disciplines theologian Marva.

    How does the hymn go? “For the beauty of the earth… Lord to you this song we raise, hear our hymn of praise”…. not exact, but it captures what inspires my heart to read about you and the stones. Thanks for that breath of grace into my life through you!

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