Hospitality revisited

Yesterday I  began the day with the searing and braising of a roast in a slow cooker.  Now, the recipe had stated that cooking a blade roast might take three to four hours per pound.  This roast was 5 pounds.  At the far end of the scenario spectrum, this would take 20 hours.  More likely 15 hours if I followed this pattern.

I got up and seared the roast at 3:00 am and placed it in the slow cooker.  At 8:00 am I plunged the thermometer into the roast.  DONE!  So much for the instructions.  Took the roast out, cut it up, left it in its juices and placed it in the fridge.

Meanwhile, at the same time I read my emails.  One of them was from my guests for the evening hour.  They were unable to attend. 

So one good sized roast and no one to join me.

Throughout the day I found a couple who would be willing to join me.  And later in the afternoon, talking to another person, found that they were also available.  The only restriction was time. 

We ate from 6:00 – 7:00 and enjoyed each other’s company along with the food.  Now, that was fun!  I just enjoyed being with others and hosting them.

With the busyness of these last few months, I’m glad to be thrust back into the role of hospitality.  I’m already thinking ahead to these next few weeks to see who else I can invite over (of course, I’m quite open to being invited out as well!).

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  1. You are doing an admirable job, Ron. Glad you have found cooking a joy, as too many men are helpless, and let their wife do it all.

  2. Wow great idea! am so excited too. I love ivwirneets. 🙂 I want to know more about the members. They have taken beautiful pictures and it’s about time that the camera should turn towards them this time.

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