Inscription in remembrance

Yesterday I received an encouraging email.

A few months ago I had asked for permission to place a memorial to my wife who passed away a year ago (May 17, 2012) on her father/mother’s gravestone.  The official name is a plinth.

The inscription was in memory of Jill, their daughter.  The gravestone is in the Deseronto cemetery in Ontario.

The monument company was willing to prepare the plinth along with it’s inscription.  But they had not been sure when this could be done. 

I am currently in Ontario for my brother’s graduation with his doctorate (a promise made some 10 years ago). 

Combine all of these thoughts and the email arrived.  The plinth was now in place!  So today, although not originally in the plans, a quick trip was made out to Deseronto.  And the plinth was viewed.  A great memorial!!

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