Upon awakening – May 16, 2013

One year ago, at about this time of he morning, I was on the road.  With my wife, Jill.  Off to a doctor suggested stress test.  Jill’s heart was broken from birth and had recently deteriorated (as we soon realized only too well).  We were checking to see how broken and what could be done.

The day was to be a quick in and out to the hospital.  The result was cardiac arrest and the following day Jill’s body remained in the Cardiac Care Unit while her soul now rested with Jesus.

These are not easy things to speak of.  But they are reminiscent of a very loving and worthwhile relationship.  I would not trade those 35 years of marriage – period!!  We endured differences and enjoyed likes.  We mentored others and learned our own self disciplines.

In a summary of our lives, on her last day we looked at each other and asked if there was anything we needed to say to each other.  There was no underlying tension or unresolved issues.  We sat and held hands and said we loved each other.

“Until death do us part.” 

Sweet love is not to be easily dismissed, and this year has seen many of what I call “weepy days”.  Tomorrow I have set aside time to just “be” in memory of Jill.  Part of the day will include time with others – but there will also be time alone.

In my heart I treasure Jill.  I’m not sure much else needs be said.

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