One year later – how death impacts you!

Yesterday was a combination of personal and work life. 

I maintain a job which, on balance, is enjoyable.  I maintain a personal life, which on balance, is enjoyable.  Both have their ups and downs.

This past year in particular.

My wife passed away on May 17, 2013.  In the midst of all that, I continued to serve as pastor at the Kindersley  Alliance Church.

I have weepy days.  I am struck by “who knows what”, and I am propelled into memories.  They remind me that the combination of Jill’s qualities was unique.  Although I am going to be remarrying, I will not find the same qualities in a new wife.

I have administrative days.  I am struck by the life of ministry, and I am propelled into memories.  They remind me that Jill’s qualities of ministry partnership were unique.  I am having to find new combinations of ministry, but none will be the same.

Can I say I have done all things well? 

I have certainly been, more than once, in God’s presence wondering what is to come next.  I have sought to be honest and forthright in all I do.  But my own evaluations tell me that certain areas have been neglected – or perhaps more rightly put, my life is changing and new priorities are arising.

What will another year look like?

Coming out of this past year, I am learning that life can change overnight – and it did!  Cling to God, hold all else lightly.  Seek others who will put God first and ride the waves with them.  Tomorrow is likely, but not guaranteed.

One year later!

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  1. What a tumultuous year you have had. You remain in our prayers and we will be excited to see what new combination of giftings for ministry you and Cynthia will have together. Your honesty about your remembrances as you move on in life is a real encouragement to us. So many people submerge their grief and remembrances as they move on instead of understanding, as you seem to, that the two things go hand in hand if the healing from loss is going to occur.

  2. Everything will work together for good for you, Ron. You have had a very busy time this year with a lot to adjust to, but you will have a new life to look forward to so keep strong .

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