Over this past few weeks I have shared preaching with two other young men.  The series has been on Galatians.  The material has not been unusual.  The process has been.

A solo pastor, or pastor of preaching, can set up and run their own system.  In some ways this is much easier.  Week by week you adjust and set aside and add as needed.

In this case, we have all accepted assignments.  Specific passages have been doled out.

We also decided to work with the other’s work in mind.   In order to create a flow in the preaching, this has required additional work.   I have listened to the sermons of each week, and thought on them with greater intensity week by week.

This has not been a bad thing.  In fact, I would dare to say that this has increased my understanding of Galatians.  This has also increased my appreciation for the work that the others have put into this series.

And now, after thanksgiving we will begin a new preaching series.  I have this funny feeling I will again be challenged!

Indeed – this has been a good thing!

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