Fire and smoke

I find it interesting.

On Monday night, 0ur town dump flared up.  Flames could be seen shooting 20 feet (7 meters?) into the sky.  We were oblivious to the catastrophe until the morning.  We opened our window (yes, it is getting cold here) and soon wondered if we had an electrical fire had erupted in the house.

As the day progressed, various bulletins let us know that the fire was contained, we were in a local state of emergency, and that the waste management center was closed.

A thick blanket of smoke were seen earlier in the day.  With the direction the wind was blowing, parts of the town did not even know that the dump was on fire.  Rumours soon clouded the town – almost as thick as the smoke itself!

As the day ended plans were still being put into place.  Provincial assistance had arrived.  The fire was contained.  Now what?

One of the greatest fears is toxic smoke.  Not flames and spreading fire.  But smoke.  Filled with particles of poison.  Able to float into the least likely places.

  Which is more deadly – the fire or the smoke?

I used to say – where this is smoke there is fire.  I think I will revise that – where there is a fire there is smoke. 

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