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The closeness of an object magnifies it’s significance.  Or completely blurs the big picture. 

I’ve been in the midst of circumstances lately in which I needed to take a bigger gaze than just upon the circumstance itself.  I’ve called this gazing on God.  When I put things in the lens of God, things come into some perspective.

I can’t say I’ve always achieved that sense.  I’ve started to use a phrase – “Even if” that helps me view my circumstances. 

In that phrase is tucked the sovereignty of God.  When I begin with the idea that God is in control, all of a sudden other things become less menacing. 

With the resignation of our Associate Pastor, I was placed in just such a circumstance.  Our plans were turned completely around, and I was left without a plan.  That is unusual for me, and perhaps a bit frightening??? 

In a feeble way I have tried to fix my eyes on Jesus.  Over the past few weeks, various meetings have proved to be opposite to what I had expected (which was along the lines of worst case scenario).  As well, I have tried not to become defensive but rather to receive wisdom and instruction as needed.  Again, not always done well but I’m finding a measure of peace.

May God grant us all peace today!

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  1. Peace is so needed when unexpected changes happen to what we thought was good planning. Hard to be “bendable” and open to a different idea or path too. I need God’s grace every moment and couldn’t live without trusting His love in everything.

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