Vision influences through clarity, not certainty

I have found the internet to be unsettling!

I have settled on many things in my life.  I do believe that there is objective truth.  Just not as many of them as I used to think there was. 

I have been certain about many things that have been proven wrong over the years.  I figured that fat was good for you – so I eat lots of margarine.  Better rethink that one!  I was certain my genetics would help me grow old easily and for a long time.  I’m not so certain about that after double knee replacement and cataract surgery – all before I reach 60 years of age.

Recently I heard the phrase that vision influences through clarity, not certainty.  When you are leading people, vision casting is one of the main things that you are called to do.  For years the idea has been that we need to tell people exactly what needs to be done – to be certain about how life will unfold and where people fold into that life.

I’m not so certain about that! 

Lately my optometrist has seen “floaters” in my eyes.  He says the brain adjusts to these annoying things, blocking them out.  But they are still there.  I think sometimes we block out what we don’t want to see.  And we are certain that the “floater” is no longer there. 

Perhaps our calling as leaders is to open up the eyes of those who follow us by helping them to see.  Helping them to see a little bit more each day.  Helping them to see without blinders.  Helping them to see with clarity.

For when clarity is combined with courage and our calendar, our lives end up being lived simply – simply for what counts!

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