Blessed are those who are flexible

About a decade ago I came across a poster.  The easy thing was to put it on my wall.  The hard thing was to live with the message:

Blessed are those who are flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape.

I began yesterday with a fairly straightforward schedule for the next few days. 

Then . . .

A death meant a funeral that I will attend on the weekend.  Which funeral overlaps a birthday party.  So a few phone calls and apologies later – and my Saturday has a new look.

Another phone call explained that a friend is in hospital.  The intent had been to have a meeting with them at my office.  Instead I visited with them in the hospital.

As the evening was dawning (or should I say waning!), my wife and I looked at the weather forecast.  Friday she was to head to Calgary to pick up her son.  We examined the weather over the route.  Fairly quickly she packed her bags and headed out in order to miss a blizzard that was expected at Hanna. 

Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  None of my schedule is the same.  And here I thought I things were becoming stable.  Maybe that’s only for horses!!

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