On collecting coins

Percolating in the back of our minds!  Shortly after we were married, my wife mentioned that she would like to collect coins.  This had been a long time desire.

So, as we gathered coins around the house and rolled them into batches, we held them.  Not for a rainy day (no such thing in February!).  But rather for a time to decide what we wanted to do with our coins.

The idea was quite simple – as we started to consider what to do. 

Collect Canadian coins – two for each year.  We soon found that some year’s denomination of coins had more than one type of engraving (Google searches are amazing!).  If possible, collect these as well.

In the end, the end really is to have a set that will journal the years that Canadian coins have been made.

Of course, the majority of coins that we will collect will have been in the last 30 years.  Interestingly, we have run across three 1940 pennies. 

So, around our games table last night, we organized and sorted.  Extra coins went back in our pockets, or change baskets in the car, or into rolls. 

The time was fun – working together as a couple. 

Great marriage therapy – better than expensive counseling sessions.  Just seated around a table with a common (and not so hard to do) goal – and a good bit of talk as we went!

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