When someone hits a terminal disease, they often turn to those who have been a part of their lives over the years.  Sometimes the previous contact has been days, some months, some years, some decades.

Yesterday a person from at least three decades ago contacted me.  They have cancer.  And the treatments sounds rather aggressive. 

They asked for prayer.  And a visit. 

Now, we live just down the block from our local hospital.  This request for a visit was from a hospital two hours away. 

This person has continued roots in our town – a usual hospital visit would be minutes away.  But  the nearest cancer treatment center is hours away. 

Decades ago we attended a mentoring small group.  We talked of God, and Christ and life with God and others.  Over the years they have waivered in their commitment and this call for a visit and prayer is perhaps a return to a previous day and age.  I trusts  this is a time for a reassessment of their life. 

And so, today I will use those two hours of driving time for prayer and preparation – not only for them, but also for myself.