I am awake this morning – a few too many times.

In this last while I have been twisting with various situations that are not necessarily of my own making.  I suppose those types of circumstances leave me shaking my head – and imagining.  With lack of a solid sleep those imaginings are not always the most positive. 

So today will be a balance of tasks and recalling.  Tasks that are a part of the regular flow of the day.  And prayerful recalling of  details and decisions for the sake of understanding and wisdom of some of these most recent circumstances.

This spiritual exercise is well worth the effort.  But I realize it will require effort.  So, off for a bit of breakfast – a meal that will provide nutrition for the body.  And off to a time of prayer – nutrition for the soul!

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  1. Seems like the older we get, the more adjustments have to be made unfortunately ! Some turn out better than we thought, but I find it painful at times too. Thank God for His patience and His understanding of my weakness. God bless you and yours, Ron, and give grace for such a busy man.

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