In light of continuity!

Yes, it is cold here.  The Big Chill has arrived.  Just looked at our temperature and it is -36.  Close to that magic -40 which, in my lifetime’s experience, is the point at which all things should just stop!

Of course, now we have windchill – ours reads -48.  Others in the province are at -51.  23 record temperature/windchills on this day in Saskatchewan.  That may rise as the day goes on.

So, what to do?

Well, my wife is off to a painting job – thankfully just a few minutes away.  I will probably venture out at some point and pick up needed files and information.  Otherwise communication will be through in the internet and phone.

How does this affect the day?  Well, one thing is that you subconsciously figure this in as a “day off”.  All the plans that might have been are now set aside.  Some can be done, others will have to wait.

So, I’m not headed out the door (at least right away).  Instead, I’m inside enjoying a furnace that works!