First John

First John is one of those books! 

Let me just say that this is a book found in the Christian Scriptures.  I’m learning that most people around me have not been brought up to recognize the books of the Bible – as I am somewhat ignorant of the Kuran or of the rabbinical books of the Jewish faith.

Probably my first real push into the book came  in a time when I was travelling full time in a singing group.  Each week we had a time of concentrated study together (we call these devotional times).  Our leader had picked up a book that smelled new, with grapes on the front and published by “Benson”.  Funny how certain details stick out.

Inside was a commentary on First John.  Now, 40 years ago, most commentaries were dry reads.  You had to really focus because the writing was academic and often unrelated to life.

This book/commentary was open and fun and storytelling.  While I can’t remember much of the actual wording, I do remember that the thrust was to live together in harmony – both before God and before other people.

So, as I was looking for a sermon series, one of the reasons I turned to First John was that very theme.  We are all surrounded by other people and God is always present.  We are always going to have to work at working/playing/loving/living together.

Now, 40 years later, I’d like to go back and dig a little deeper.  Perhaps something old and something new will make for a good combination!

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