What God has done in us

This is the story that arises in our lives.  Not what we have done to impress our world.  But what God has done to bring us into the “next world.”

I say this because I’m living most often these days among those who are older and soon to be stripped of life in this world.  I buried an 83 year old today.  I visited a 99 year old recently.

Our talk is not of changing our world.  Our talk is of a world to come, of the aches and pains of this world, of family and friends whose situations in this world are a concern to them.

Seems to me that life is best described as God working in and through us.  The more we let him sway our thinking and actions, the more we come aboard His desires and direction.

Bluntly put, and without a desire to become fatalistic, God will do what God purposes.

Coming on board with God means that I get to partner with God in the happenings around me.  And nothing could be better than that.  I purpose to shine light on God and God then shines light on me.  Pride of life has nothing to do with who I am, and everything to do with who God is.

A slight reversal to how our world views life.

But then, I’ve always been one who saw life from upside down!!

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