Rest Day?

Almost 10:00 in the morning and not a mouse is stirring.  Of course, snow fell over night and I doubt their tracks would be expected on a day like today.

But then, no other tracks are showing!  The driveways are still covered with a fresh skim of white.  My wife’s tire tracks (on her way to work) are the only driveway disruption I can see from my front window.

What makes this Saturday a day of rest?  I’m not sure. 

Perhaps the melting of spring (what we call “breakup”) has forced many oil companies to slow down.  Their heavy trucks can no longer drive rural roads.  Moving into a maintenance mode means an “easier” work week.

Perhaps a farming community is just awaiting spring planting season.  They are ready – now the ground, skies and snow must respond in like fashion.

Perhaps sports tournaments and finales are in the midst of a hiatus as we await the next season.

Perhaps Saturday actually is a weekly day of rest.

Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying a slow start and rejoicing in a new day!

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