Prayer adventure

Not sure how this happened . . .  glad it did.

Our son was off to youth group tonight.  In between two activities he needed a food/nutrition break (the sugar filled chocolate bars I offered him did not impress him).

Home he came.  We ate the most marvelous pizza (thanks to the kindness of one of our parishioners who filled our oven and house with the aroma of love!).  We then texted the youth leader to see where to meet them.

The adventure begins . . . the youth group was on a prayer mission.  They regularly visit people in our congregation and just pray for them – a short 10 minutes which seems to carry an impression of eternity.

The meeting place was planned for just across the street from us.  I accompanied our son and was invited to join them while they prayed.  As we were exiting the apartment building, I was asked by the youth leader if there was anyone else we could pray for.

I had seen another parishioner in the common area.  So we stopped and chatted with her and the others surrounding a games table.  After introductions, and a proper pause before leaving, the youth leader asked if the group would like us to pray for them.  There were immediate prayer requests and we all prayed..

Now, this was probably the first time I’ve been with a youth group and we have prayed for “strangers.”  May this increase! 

Not a bad example for the rest of us older types!!

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