The love of music and people

There is a combination that inspires me, brings rest to the soul and exercise to the body.

I love to lead singing – small and large groups.  I’m not the most accomplished, nor the most exact or even the most educated in this area.

But I love to sing, and those around me seem to catch on to the enthusiasm.

I have had opportunity to lead music a few times these past weeks.  In a seniors complex and at church.  I’ve had some amazing musicians to work with.  And the freedom to “do my thing” – which I must always keep in check!

Somehow, and I’m not sure how – other than God wired me this way, I come away having sung my lungs and my heart out.  To find something that is re-freshing is a very good thing.  Almost like God, as he finished creating this earth – it was very good!

And the next day God rested.  No big schedule (other than to keep the earth revolving around the sun, and oxygen flowing to the creatures of the earth and the stars twinkling!).  Just a day of rest.

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