Today the new sewer lines get inspected.

Our plumber knows that they have to be done just right.  Both he and I know the inspector – a real stickler but fair. 

So, early this morning – around 6:30 – our plumber was by the house to make sure things are in place.  There are a few more lines to attach, and then he needs to be at the house when the inspection takes place.

The basement is a marvel.  Three weeks ago there were all sorts of plumbing lines run helter skelter.  A bathroom that was just across the hall from the shower.  An upstairs bathroom that seemed to have the fixtures in the wrong place. 

The renovation has required a jackhammer (which I rather enjoyed), new ABS piping, and a whole lot of planning and revision as we have gone along.  The Town even found out that we had a water line coming into our house that was unmetered.  That was fixed!!

Our day will be exciting – we hope of have permission to recement the basement floor by tonight and the next phase comes next!!