Last night for four hours we moved stuff.  Appliances, clothing, furniture, books, and all things pertaining to a household. 

There was a base crew of eight people.  Thanks to each of them.

When we were done we had Tim Horton’s donuts – a friend had supplied some pop to drink.  Our sugar rush kept us going!

The house now echoes empty!  When you walk, your footsteps follow you.  And you can see the other side of the room without distraction.

This is the completion of one chapter of our lives.  God had carefully and directly indicated to us that we needed to sell our house to our new senior pastor.  With no new house in sight, and no other intention than to provide affordable housing to them.

Our journey to date has been full of God moments.  Trades people who have made themselves available, friends who have spent hours assisting us, and even little times where we both have felt the strength of God in doing the “next thing.”

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.