A large part of diagnosis is testing and checking and asking and listening.  Today I continue with testing.  My doctor has been following my progress over the past few months – I had an undiagnosed tiredness, cough, stomach problems and who knows what else. We began with the simple bloodwork, an xray and ultrasound and […]


I am still in the midst of the balancing act.  Thankfully today’s balancing is not tipping me too much!! When I was young, I enjoyed the pictures of high wire actors crossing Niagara Falls.  Without a net.  Nerves of steel!  Now-a-days, we tend to just have nerves.  And our balancing acts are not so much […]


I wish I could capitalize the title of this blog post!  The journey of these past few months is not about some great adventure that has a marvellous ending point.  Plodding would be more appropriate.  Many terms could describe the time away:  transitional, stressful, learning, visionary.  And now, it’s time to take up what had […]