The words that pop out of our mouths

The other day I was in the grocery store.  The sales were as usual, the prices as usual, all was as usual.

Until a lady I know approached me.  The gist of the following conversation was along the lines of her great sense of oppression and of a world gone wrong.

I’m not great at being a counselor, but I assured her that God was with her.  She did not need to be chained by a swirling, whirling, out of control world.

As she left, I turned to her and gave her a blessing – a thing we learn as pastors (which is not a bad thing for anyone to do).  There was no preparation, nor liturgical formula, or even a written out sentence.

This just popped out.

“May you have a free spirit, that is only a slave to Jesus Christ.”

Not sure where that came from, but I think the idea is sound.

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