Outside the box – and the warehouse

I’ve been listening a bit to Kevin Kelly, a founder of Wired Magazine.  In 1979 he a conversion experience to Christianity.  Most of us who claim to be Christian would find him always on the edge of boundaries we have set.

So, here is a thought that relates to technology.  Many think that technology has benefitted our lives while providing a dark side. 

Kelly thinks that the giftedness of Christians (their talents) are left wanting.  The greater gift of new technology can create a way in which they can more fully express themselves as Christians.

Here is a quote taken from an interview with Christianity Today-  web only version in 2002:

There are people born today that will never really be able to develop their full set of talents God has given them because technology does not exist yet. We have a moral obligation to increase the amount of technology in the world. 

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