As I was waking – or perhaps as I was sleeping . . . a phrase kept ringing in my head.  . . “Oh, words with heavenly comfort fraught” – a phrase from the song, He Leadeth Me.

Now, I’m not aware that we use the word fraught much – in conversation or in literature.  I have always had this scary sense about the word.  Something is fraught with danger – a heightened sense of danger.

So why are the words – “He leadeth me” – so exceptionally dangerous?  Especially since these words are said to be a blessed thought.

Maybe this is a recognition that roses have thorns or wood has slivers.  Both of these carry beauty that attracts the eye.  Both can adorn a portrait of life that is winsome.  And both can sting!

If we use heaven to attract others, we had better include suffering and shame and discomfort and gloom and trouble.   All can be found in our approach landing to the bliss we call heaven!!