On puns and puzzles

A great thread of comments on a picture of a puzzle rife with shells and ocean beauty.

This is lovely, it makes we want to clam up!

I guess that would keep you from shelling out your resources! (my wife was just waiting for your comment – I think she likes to see what we will flood the ocean of vocabulary with)

Every puzzle holds the pearl of a pun…

. . . I think that you have won (note the rhyme in time).

I have a knack for this, it’s how I have… fun!

Thou are a wordsmith and a punster’s . . . son

With a good pun, oi’ stir it up …hon!

And with that, I have to . . . run

Hmmm….I wonder if they sell pun-free puzzles???
What would they be called???

That’s a puzzling question.

Pun free puzzles? I don’t understand the question. Up is this jig, saw past the pieces to the whole picture.

LOL. Just couldn’t resist asking

Pondering punless puzzles can be a perfectly, perplexing yet precisely, pleasing priority.  Go alliterations!!!

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